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The small checklist for a successful start to your studies

At university, everyone is responsible for themselves. But don't panic, there are plenty of friendly Fachschaft members, secretaries, and other people who are happy to help you. This list is intended to give you an overview of things you should take care of as soon as possible. Despite careful consideration, this list does not claim to be exhaustive!

Here you will find general information for prospective students and enrolled students.

In the first week:

  • Set up your campus ID in the LMU portal, the information was provided with your enrollment documents.
  • Pick up your LMUcard.
  • Create your timetable: Now that you have an idea of which courses you need to take, it's best to create a timetable for the first semester right away because course registration is already in the week before lectures begin. You can find the current course catalog in the notice board in the rear building (RG) of Schellingstraße 3 and especially online. In the online course catalog, you can get basic information about courses and reserve them, register, and even create a printable timetable. It's a good idea to select not only one course but also an alternative in case your preferred course is already full.
  • You can find the sample timetable for bachelor students here, for master students here in German and English, as well as for various teaching degree programs.
  • You no longer need a cafeteria card because the LMUcard now also serves as a cafeteria card. Load it with money to be able to conveniently pay at the checkout without the hassle of counting small change (you can only pay with the card in the cafeterias).

In the first month:

  • Get your campus ID unlocked for the computer rooms of the CIP pool in Room K12, Schellingstraße 3 RG. Every semester, you receive 10 euros of printing credit from tuition fees!
  • Buy your semester ticket which is currently the reduced 29 Euro Ticket! FInd further Information on the LMU Website.
  • Optionally, pick up your ID and token for the Central University Sports: IDs (please bring ID card, student ID, and a passport photo) and tokens for university sports can be obtained in the first week of the semester in the foyer of Schellingstraße 3. If you missed that, you can still go to the Central University Sports (U3 Olympiazentrum) throughout the semester and get your ID and token there. Note: Since the winter semester 09/10, you must pay for the tokens online beforehand.